I Love Jogging…

Feel free to laugh.  I totally laugh at myself when I think of this incident…

Back in August, our organization held Gasshuku (extended training) one weekend from Friday evening through Sunday morning.

I think it was Saturday morning when we were told that we were going jogging.  Inwardly, I groaned.  It was announced, “If you can’t jog or don’t want to jog, we’ll find an alternative activity for you.”

I began to think.  Injured people were definitely in the “can’t jog” category – I didn’t fit that description.  What about the “don’t want to jog” people?  I began to imagine exactly what the “alternative activity” would be for the “don’t want to” people.  Maybe a thousand pushups, then a thousand situps, and a million punches in horse stance to top it all off?

I decided, “I love jogging.  Jogging is one of the best activities in the world!  Yes, I’m going jogging!  Yay, jogging!”

So I jogged and jogged and jogged with the vast majority of karateka.   After we were done jogging I found out the “alternative activity” for all non-joggers was something that was right up my alley.  They were picking up twigs, fir cones, and rocks from the field.  I beach-comb, so I’m used to scrutinizing the ground and repeated bending and stooping for agates and sea glass.


Sea glass is shards of broken glass that have been conditioned by the combined actions of waves, pebbles, sand, and chemical reactions with salt.
Sea glass shards are shards of broken glass that have been conditioned by the combined actions of waves, pebbles, sand, and chemical reactions with salt.


Like I said, feel free to laugh.

Author: Joelle White

I began training in Karate in June of 2014 after a 27 year hiatus.

9 thoughts on “I Love Jogging…”

    1. Ossu, Sensei Andrea! [bow]
      LOL, I’m glad too, even though I chose it because I thought I was running from a bigger challenge 🙂

  1. LOL! Still I think it was the right choice. We should always choose the most challenging thing / the thing we dislike most / fear the most. It makes us stronger.

  2. I see this as broadening your horizons. It’s always good to endure new things. Who knows, maybe it will be another feather in your cap or an accomplishment achieved. Even though I’ve already tried Karate, I still want to return to it and other activities. Basically I don’t want to be a “one trick pony”. 😎 I do dabble in one other thing though. I make wooden ornaments of sorts. Short story, I got involved thanks to, of all things, an infomercial for a scroll saw. I thought I could try that, even though I was never artistically creative. Anyway, I have a couple of friends who were in martial arts and I occasionally make martial arts themed ornaments for them. I go online to find images that I can make a sketch of and transfer that onto thin sheets of plywood. Then splash on paint and bingo, instant art. Well close enough. Anyway great story as always. Good luck with the training. Keep us posted. All the best and full respect.

    1. Hey there, Steve!
      Well, I definitely learned I actually could survive jogging 🙂 Still, I’m reminded of the classic Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin imitates his dad by saying, “Calvin! Go do something you hate! Being miserable builds character!” LOL! Wow, you have a really great hobby! I myself should do something with all the sea glass I have squirreled away. Thanks for the well wishes and the encouragement!

      1. That was my brother’s favorite, Calvin and Hobbes. I don’t if being miserable builds character. I was miserable the last few years at my other job so I’m not sure about my character level but it’s a work in progress. Slow progress but it’s something. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with some great craft ideas with all the sea glass. Better to make something with them than just having it laying around. Another notch added to your belt, Karateka, jogger and possible artist or crafter, your choice of title. 😉 Have a great rest of the week. Will check back soon. All the best and full respect.

    1. Ossu! [bow]

      Thanks for stopping by and for your compliments!

      Given that 1) a bunch of the black belts know how much endurance I have because I’ve visited their dojos and gone to seminars, and 2) I’ve already jogged at Gasshuku 2014, I’d better jog at Gasshuku 2015 or some black belt really will assign me a million punches in horse stance 😀


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