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For this post I’m doing things a little differently.  Usually my posts are text-driven and the pictures are mere decoration.  Also, most of the images I use are not my own.  I was looking through my photos and digital art and decided it would be fun to do the opposite.  Use the pictures to drive the text and use all my own images.  So sit back and enjoy!



In any given dojo, chances are you’ll find people who are just starting out, at least one person who is mature in his or her skills, and some who are in between.  We’re all growing and learning.


In our Karate journey, we go through seasons.  Sometimes we are in “winter” – working through illness, injury, or maybe even a tough situation that the whole dojo is facing.  Sometimes we are bursting with new knowledge and growth.  We can learn from every season.

BroccoliWeird broccoli.  Who wants some?  How about burpees – let’s do twenty right now!  Just like broccoli, there are some things in Karate that are hard to get excited about. But they’re good for us, so we do them.

SeaglassSea glass starts out as ordinary broken glass.  But something magical happens after a few years of being tumbled by waves, buffeted by rocks, and scoured with sand.  Rough edges are smoothed away and the glass acquires a beautiful frosted finish.  A gem is formed.  Karateka are refined through training.



There are times when I feel like a salmon swimming against the current.  Perseverance is hard, but it’s worth it.

WhiteChickLogoRI have to admit, sometimes I’m a little chicken during Karate classes, belt tests, and tournaments…

But then I remind myself that Karate is fun.  Deadly, but fun.  Kinda like a rattlesnake wearing Groucho Marx glasses.  OK, maybe I’d better stop the analogies here, LOL!


Author: Joelle White

I began training in Karate in June of 2014 after a 27 year hiatus.

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