New Guy II

OfficeI’ve been given one of the best Karate compliments I’ve received to date.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know that my afternoon counterpart at my work is a black belt in a different style.  I told him about passing my recent test for 5th kyu, and he responded with the usual congratulations, etc.  Then he told me I’ve inspired him to go for his second degree black belt.  WOW.

What has he seen in me?  I’m middle aged and still ten pounds overweight.  I’d fit right in with all the librarians who work downstairs from our office.  My afternoon counterpart and I have been in the same room at the same time exactly three times.  Heck, the style he studies is full contact, whereas I’m supposed to be playing “Tag.”  So what’s so inspiring about me?

Was it my advice to him to apply what he learned from the process of becoming Shodan to learning the job we do?  Was it the way I played Twister with another co-worker, then joked to him, “I always wear loose clothing that allows me freedom of movement because I never know when I might have to play Twister?”  How about when I was laden with a box I refused to let him carry across campus (citing my need to build my upper body) and I used my foot to gently push the button that opens the door to our building?  Or that, while carrying that box, I beat the elevator by climbing up the 72 stairs to our office?  Is it that I help out with the college Karate class?  Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m a middle-aged matron who is striving to become better, not worse, as she ages.

Does Karate make that much of a difference – enough to where a slightly lumpy middle-aged 5th kyu lady can inspire a young Shodan to train for his next belt test?

I guess it does.

Author: Joelle White

I began training in Karate in June of 2014 after a 27 year hiatus.

3 thoughts on “New Guy II”

    1. Thanks – I never ever expected this – it’s something to hold onto and treasure for the rest of my life! Especially if he makes Nidan!

  1. Yeah, it is a bit uplifting when someone tells me she is inspired by what I do or say 🙂 Unfortunately, in both cases I recall, the two persons left the company I work for, because I have inspired them to stay true to themselves and seek a better job opportunity. Maybe I should become inspired by them now and leave too 🙂

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